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Full Service - Highly Creative Team
Our designers work on Macintosh systems and can create or recreate any type of label design. Our expansive typeface libraries, software programs, and state-of-the-art equipment combine to create the label which will make your package stand out on the store shelf.
I have digital artwork
Please contact our graphics team for artwork specifications. We are fully compatible with Macintosh and PC format
and will prepare and convert your artwork to get it ready for the printing process. We will be glad to review your
artwork and make any adjustments in order to help you get the best results for your labels.
I have only a sample label
Label One has a team of talented designers who are capable of recreating your label. If you wish, we can
also suggest changes to enhance or improve your existing label. Remember to send us any original photos that
appear on the label, if available
I have only an idea of what I want
All you have is a rough design? No problem! Just provide us with a rough sketch, and our graphics
department will prepare a proof for your approval. Our graphic artists have many years of experience in layout
and design and can produce a design which fits your product's needs. If your label has a lot of text, type it in an E-mail to us.
I am having my art done by a professional designer, and need your specifications
Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the recommended and preferred specifications
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